For a business to be successful in the long run, it needs to create value for both its shareholders and for the society. At Forlle'd we consider this as our foundation and over the years we've built our business based on this principle. When operating our business, there are certain key fundamental elements which we focus our attention on: our team, the geographical zones in which we operate, the brand and its product as it is the epicenter of our business. Forlle'd as a company is devoted to enhancing the progress in these areas of strategic importance to continue delivering a long-term sustainable growth.

Over the course of last year, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, many had the opportunity to self-reflect and re-examine their values. As a leader of the company, I have come to the conclusion thatthose who possess flexible thinking are indeed confident in their strengths and can adapt quickly to the changes which happens around them. Moreover, they see these challenging times as an opportunity rather than a curse. I should highlight that this is important not only for work but also for a well-balanced personal life. The way we think certainly influences on the quality of our life, communicating with our loved ones and forming new relationships while strengthening the existing ones. The hardships which we had to face last year should be taken as an opportunity to grow and develop. If we do not think outside the box and do not come out of our comfort zone, it would be impossible to grow as it requires a certain amount of effort. Furthermore, instead of constantly comparing myself with others, I always try to inspire myself by looking at the success of others and I make sure to convey these findings with my team. The bottom line is that "If they can achieve it, so can we!" at the end of the day, each person's success will eventually contribute towards the success of the company.

Beauty certainly gives us hope. At Forlle'd we believe that the beauty industry is eager to respond positively to the customer demands and develop new concepts to keep up with the new age requirements. We strive to provide the turn-key solutions, keeping health and beauty at its core for our clients so that they could in turn enjoy a physically and a mentally enriching happy life.

Vanik Danielyan
CEO N'Cosmetec group